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Business ideas

Trying to find a great product? Need new business ideas? We can help.

1) How?

We have an exclusive weekly mailinglist for enterpreneurs that features product designers and their product (4-5 products/month). Our network of experts select the designers. Unlike Springwise we present products that are not available on the market (yet!).

2) Why?

These designers often do not have the required expertise to bring a product to the market… this is where you come in.

3) How can I join? 

We ask a small fee (30 USD) to join to filter the wantrepreneurs out. Only a limited amount of entrepreneurs are allowed.  Join here 

Example of projects that we propose:

1) Magnetic bike lock



Want to check the list of last month for free? Just tweet :

2) Dinner set (concept phase):


Stop wasting time trying to find ideas and partners. We can connect you with the right concepts and people. One team has already started their project. Be a Kickstarter star before you know it!

 Once you sign up you can contact the designer and launch the product on the market. Limited time only!

"The primary difference between winners and losers? The winners do it!" - Art Williams.

Questions? Just call me (10 am - 10 pm CET) 

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